A 35-year-old reader loved Hectic Happiness so much she read it twice…

A 6-year-old enjoyed being read passages out-loud (x-rated ones omitted)...

Readers in their golden years raved about the book!

A really good read.
Once you start the book, it’s hard to put it down.
— S.N., Metairie, LA
Finished your book. Loved it!!!!! I want you to write another one.
— C.D.Z., Mandeville, LA (Age 17)
Love it. It’s a great book.
— M.M.R., Metairie, LA
I stayed up Monday night and read through it all. You are a really amazing person!
— A,M,, Metairie, LA
This book is hard to put down. Rushing through my chores today so I can get back to reading. Love it!
— D.F., Libuse, LA
Great book!
— R.W.R, Metairie, LA
I really enjoyed your book. How did you remember so much?
— G.S., Metairie, LA
So much like my life. Brought back memories!
— M.D., Metairie, LA
I read everything. It was well-written. I had no idea of all y’all went through.”
— R.R., Denham Springs, LA
Funny. Laughing our asses off!I read it. You’ve got to buy it!
— D.L., Metairie, LA
Read your book today. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It felt like you were reading it to me.
— J.P., New Orleans, LA
I absolutely loved it! I haven’t put it in my bookcase yet. Brimming with love, laughter and tears. I will read it again.
— D.F., Pineville, LA
I adored your book. So interesting, so funny, so well-written!
— D.C., Baton Rouge, LA
Really enjoyed your book. Thank you!! Dr. Gilda Reed’s autobiography, Hectic Happiness, is an inspiring story that will put a smile on your face. While we have all had those voices in our lives tell us what we couldn’t do or couldn’t achieve,

Dr. Reed reminds us that the only voice we really need to listen to is our own voice telling ourselves what we can do and what is possible! Even in the face, of at times seemingly insurmountable challenges, there is reason to stay optimistic. At a moment in our history where we are inundated with negativity and angry people, Dr. Reed’s book is a refreshing yet provocative and optimistic view of family and humanity. Even though I have never met her, I’m jealous I wasn’t lucky enough to have her for one of my college professors!

Dr. Reed, you are a “kick ass” person, which where I grew up is the ultimate compliment. At a time, when it’s sometimes difficult to find things to smile about in the national media and so many people seem so angry, you put a big smile on my face the entire time I was reading about you and your wonderful family so … thank you 😊!!
— E.W.K., Naples, FL
I’m reading your book and enjoying every minute of it as I sip coffee and relax in my hot bathtub.

I can’t put the book down. I love the way you write and the journey you’ve been through and I’m only on chapter 2. Is incredible. I knew there was a reason you were my hero and model.

I’m loving the book. My toes are curling from excitement. Unbelievable.

I can feel your passion reading Hectic Happiness...simply mesmerizing page after page!
— P.L.L., Gulf Breeze, FL
I read Hectic Happiness on the beach in the Bahamas last week. Being an only child, I couldn’t have imagined, but this book opened my eyes. What a beautiful and hectic life, through all the trials and tribulations.
— G.L., Abita Springs, LA
I just finished reading Hectic Happiness today. It was a great book! I enjoyed reading about how much mischief your children got into growing up! Those pages were hilarious!... I was a little surprised with
the treatment you received at Charity Hospital after your polio diagnosis....Your hospitalizations at Shriners Hospital in Shreveport sounded like nightmares! Having a physical disability myself that was hard to read. I know from hearing stories about when my Mom was growing up that children with disabilities weren’t seen much out in public. ... Hearing stories like yours makes me sad but also makes me appreciate the time I was born in.
— I.B., Metairie, LA
“University of New Orleans’ award-winning faculty member, Dr. Gilda Werner Reed, has condensed 71 years of living and world events into a new book, Hectic Happiness.
The work captures the joys, challenges and tragedies of Dr. Reed’s life, and the “heart-melting adorableness, enchanting exuberance, delightful antics and jaw-dropping accomplishments” of four sons, three daughters, six grandsons, and eight granddaughters.
Gilda and soul-mate, husband Sam adopted two siblings––special needs babies––when their fifth baby was still in diapers, to give a total of three in diapers at once., and Hectic Happiness follows the challenges and joys of a full family life.
Gilda is a native New Orleanian, a public-school advocate, a polio survivor, a member of a third generation U.S. Navy family, and a 2008 U.S. Congressional candidate.
Her work follows the volatile events that shaped the last seven decades in family, career, political and cultural spheres.
Dr. Reed earned her doctorate at University of New Orleans (UNO) in Applied Biological Psychology with a minor in Applied Developmental Psychology while raising her large family. Her dissertation was done on “cute, furry white rats with pink eyes,” she said. She injected them with “MIF-1 peptide or morphine and compared behavior using a conditioned place preference paradigm.”
Dr. Reed completed the education courses required for Louisiana certification, plus the National Teacher’s Exam, and became one of the most popular instructors in the UNO psychology undergraduate program, teaching eight different courses on campus and online. She has taught literally thousands of students since 1994.
In 2012 she was named among the nation’s top-rated professors in Princeton Review’s The Best 300 Professors, and in the top 13 by Huffington Post.
In 2008-2009, Dr. Reed was rated 21st by RateMyProfessors. And the University of New Orleans International Alumni Association named Dr. Reed recipient of its 2011-2012 Excellence in Teaching Award.
The Times asked her how she was able to motivate so many students. “I have excellent, inspiring students!” she said. Dr. Reed also explained that she is a strong advocate of public education and that her students truly want to learn. “Mom and dad aren’t paying the bills,” she said. “My students really want to be there. They are a joy to teach!” To Dr. Reed, teaching is an honor—not an obligation, she said.
Dr. Reed’s involvement in the larger community and her enthusiasm for public life included a bid for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2008 when she won her primary but lost in the general election.
She was named Louisiana Woman of the Year in 2008 by BayouBuzz and was named an honorary member of the Jefferson Firefighters Association for her support.
She has been honored with a Trailblazer Banquet Award, served on the Jefferson Parish and the Louisiana Democratic committees.
Hectic Happiness is her first book. From the book and covers:
”With intentions of spawning future volumes, she condenses 7 decades of one life well-lived in an ongoing love story and testament to overcoming adversity. She is a dreamer enamored with JFK, space flights, and Biology.
”She is a sheltered Southern girl with a penchant for civil rights, politics and world events.”
”Hectic Happiness is a survival story of triumph and tragedy, joy and pain, feistiness and naiveté.”
Hectic Happiness is self-published via G W Reed Publishing, LLC.”
— The Psychology Times January 2019-Page 17